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TYPOLING - Bulletin d’information n° 338

Séminaire doctoral

- "Description et typologie linguistiques"

Laboratoire SeDyl - Villejuif.

Coordonné par : Claudine Chamoreau et Enrique Palancar.

Mardi 8 et mercredi 9 décembre à 10h
Salle 511 (Villejuif, SeDyL)).

Eric Campbell (University of California at Santa Barbara) nous présentera deux exposés :

- Mardi 8 décembre :

A typologically uncommon register tone system : unspecified low tone in Zenzontepec Chatino.

Tone system typology has told us that register tone systems (Pike 1948) with three levels ([H] vs. [M] vs. [L]), one of which is underlyingly toneless, tend to have the mid tone as the unspecified one (Maddieson 1978 ; Hyman 2010). Zenzontepec Chatino (Otomanguean, Mexico), however, presents an exception to this typology, because the lowest pitch category is tonally unspecified : /H/ vs. /M/ vs. Ø. There are four arguments that support this analysis : (i) the low category is by far the most frequent (least marked) ; (ii) its pitch is one of declination, the default intonational pattern in the language ; (iii) it fails to block H tone spreading ; and (iv) it is the only category that is not phonologically active. After presenting the analysis, I demonstrate it with textual examples and then discuss its implications for tone system typology and point to some historical processes that gave rise to this uncommon system.

- Mercredi 9 décembre :

Grammar, culture and information structure in texts.

This workshop is an exploration of the grammar of Zenzontepec Chatino (Otomanguean) through analysis of a narrative text. The tale describes how one man’s greed, and ultimately his demise, is the origin of a crop-destroying species of grasshopper. Working line-by-line, aspects of the morphology, syntax and lexical semantics are highlighted, and the cultural significance of the text is discussed. Of special interest is how the text displays the rich array of strategies that speakers deploy in discourse for encoding nuances in information structure and referent tracking.

Claudine Chamoreau
Directrice de recherche