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Conférence exceptionnelle de Mary Dalrymple à 12h au laboratoire LLF

6 juin 2011

Conférence exceptionnelle de Mary Dalrymple (Oxford University) le 6 juin 2011 à 12h au laboratoire LLF

175 rue du Chevaleret 75013 métro Chevaleret (ligne 6) ou bibliothèque (ligne 14)

A very long-distance anaphor ?

Yag Dii (Niger-Congo/Adamawa-Ubangi) has a complicated pronominal system, with four series of pronouns whose distribution is determined by the type of clause in which they appear (Bohnhoff 1986). One series exhibits an extreme degree of long-distance binding : it must appear as the subject of a subordinate clause which is itself embedded within a separate syntactically-defined subordinate domain, with the result that it must be at least two clauses removed from its antecedent. The distribution of the Yag Dii pronouns is difficult to capture by reference to standard noncoreference domains and the standard primitives of binding theory. Instead, binding patterns can be defined in a relatively straightforward way in terms of local specifications associated with particular domains and with subjects of particular types of clauses, with more fully specified forms blocking the use of less specified forms in the same position.